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Having reliable contacts and clients, is the key to a successful business because without expanding your clients circle you cannot expand your business. Maintenance of a client list is very important so that you can get in touch with a specific client whenever you need to communicate directly. It will also help you to develop new contacts that are really important to get new projects and to compete with your competitors. Creation of a client list depends on the nature of your business for example if you are preparing a client list for your personal business then the list will be prepared in different way while on the other hand if you are designing a client list for your income tax preparation business then the list will be totally different. Having a client list will help you to have quick communication with your client. Here is a comprehensive customer list template that can help anyone to quickly maintain a good list of their business clients.

Client List Template

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Here are some quick tips to design a client list for both kinds of businesses:

Client List for Ordinary Business

  • Collect complete details of your client regarding contact addresses, email addresses, contact numbers, name of business, nature of business etc. It is better to get complete details at the time of first business transaction.
  • It is good to save contact information of your client in MS Word document or MS Excel Sheet. Prepare different columns and write name of your clients with his/her business name, business address, home address, website and email address, phone number and nature of business etc.
  • It is good to organize the list by name such as your important clients should be at the top of the sheet and least important below it and so on. If possible then you can create different sheets in a workbook to place name of the clients according to their importance. It will help you to keep in touch with your clients shortly.

Client List for Tax Preparation Business

  • You have to collect complete personal details of your client including his/her legal name, social security number, date of birth, legal address and contact information. Do not forget to collect the same information from the spouse and dependants of your client. Write relation of your client with each dependant to get comprehensive details. It will help you to prepare tax returns of your clients
  • Write income monthly and annual income details of your clients he/she received from business and rented plots or houses. Do not forget to investigate about all other possible income sources for perfection in your work.
  • Do not forget to collect deduction information of your client. Take a copy of old tax returns from your client to make confirmation that the important income is not being overlooked. It is good to prepare a checklist and as you receive different details from your clients check it in your list.
  • If will help you to collect all possible details to prepare a comprehensive database of clients record. If you cannot afford software then you can prepare your client list in MS Excel sheet as it is really easy in the MS Excel sheet to search any thing within seconds.

Here is download link for above Client List Template,

Download Client List Template

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