House Cleaning Checklist

House cleaning is not an easy task because it requires lots of time and efforts. You have to do lots of work in order to clean your house completely and in the pressure of work several times you forget to do lots of things. If you want to keep your work organized then you have to prepare a house cleaning list. House cleaning list is prepared to take assistance in household chores. You can add different cleaning chores that you can forget without writing. It will help you to keep your house spotless regularly. It is good to create a daily cleaning list to easily manage daily tasks. It is not difficult to prepare a house cleaning list because with devotion of thirty minutes you can do it easily. He is a sample House Cleaning Checklist Template that can help you create your own home cleaning list quickly and effectively.

House Cleaning Checklist

Download this House Cleaning Checklist

Here are key points while you prepare your own house cleaning list instead of using any ready-to-use list or templates.

Tips to Prepare a House Cleaning List:

  • Keep a note pad or attach a sheet of paper anywhere in each room to note down regular cleaning tasks.
  • Examine each room thoroughly to determine what is required to be done in every room. For example, take a view of living room where you may find out dusty shelves or vacuum cleaning required to rug. Write these tasks on the note pad or paper sheet already placed in living room. It will help you to complete your every task in short period of time.
  • You can divide list of each room into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Your daily list will include normal dusting, throwing garbage of dust bins, floor cleaning and surface cleaning. Curtain and rugs washing can be placed in weekly tasks. Watering to plants will also be placed in daily task while plants management can be fall under weekly or monthly tasks.
  • Bedroom tasks include making bed, removing clutter and trash from room, cleaning and maintaining dressers, bureaus and vacuum rugs if required. Do not forget to include daily dusting and picking laundry from bedrooms.
  • Kitchen list should include different chores such as dishwashing, wiping, sanitizing countertops, sweeping floor, wiping down appliances, emptying trash bin and wipe up spills.
  • Bathroom tasks include check towels and straight those on racks, empty trash bin, wipe down sink, mirror and countertops and sweep floors. Do not forget to wash bathtubs with cleanser and absorbent cotton. Wipe down walls and keep bathroom free from hard water stains.
  • You can also plan weekly deep cleaning to make your toilet and bathtub spotless and germ free. Do not forget to polish your furniture and shampooing carpets once a month.
  • If you find any last minute task that you have skipped to write in the list write it also in the list. Update your list each day to save your time and hassles of creating new list.
  • You can also prepare a computerized list in word process program because it will be easy for you to update and save your stationary cost. It is better to take many printouts of your prepared list to paste them to right places.

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