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Sales career is potentially profitable because you can earn more profits with little more efforts. It is really a fun career for those who are really interested in it. There are no special requirements of starting a sales career because a good salesperson is a hot demand of all companies. If you want to start your career in sales then you have to prepare prospect list of your potential clients. This list is a first step toward your flourishing career. Prospect list can be started with your contacts, business cards and Rolodex to grow your business and profits. If you want to grow your prospect list then you have to grow up your network. You can prepare a comprehensive prospect list using word or excel because these both are user friendly programs and help you a lot to complete your work on time. Here is a good Prospect List Template to help you line up your business prospects,

Prospect List Template

Here is download link,

Download Prospect List Template

Tips to Prepare a Prospect List:

Following tips will help you to design a comprehensive prospect list to grow up your sales work:

  • Think about the prospect that is more suitable for your products and identify the uniqueness of these products that make these products desirable prospect. Find out if these products are suitable with your targets.
  • Targets of each sales person are different for example some salesperson consider family income and home size as their targets while others consider total number of employees in a business. Nevertheless of whatever your targets are you have to determine your goals to make your sales career more successful.
  • Prospect list will help you to be a successful sales person. It is not an easy task to search an ideal prospect because everyone has his/her own parameters. You have to search for the data of ideal prospect to find more suitable one for you.
  • Some sales organizations facilitate their employees with prospect database to provide them a point to start. If your company does not provide you with it then instead of worrying search on internet to get all available data bases for commercial uses.
  • Prepare a list of more suitable prospects after getting lots of sample prospects. Just for your help I am explaining a general rule here; if you are calling your prospects by phone then 20 to 30 a day is ideal.
  • Sales people who make their plan on walk-ins must have three to five walk-ins per day. In a day you may get time to call only half of the list but you can make it in your favor again by prioritizing it for example start with top prospects to get better results.
  • You can prepare your prospect list in any format such as spreadsheet, HTML, PDF considering your own convenience and privacy. Do not forget to include your first name, last name, address, city, state and zip code.
  • It is good to make your list more comprehensive by adding all possible details of you and your clients to prove yourself as an efficient sales person. Take a printout of complete prospect list after taking its print preview. You are ready to use your list.

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