Priority List Template

Priority list is prepared to specify the preferred order in which the tasks should be done. It is necessary list for the profession of every member to prepare a list according to the experience of looming deadline that spirals out of control. Without proper planning you cannot manage your work easily. Without setting your priorities you really have to work harder than before. Your priorities should be defined at the start of each project to do your work perfectly. You have to decide what to rank in first place and what should be placed at end. Your financial life and career matters require keeping the track of your goals according to your priorities. Your priority list can be a key to your success so do not forget to define your priorities before doing any thing.
Priority List

Tips to Prepare A Priority List

  • In first step you have to decide how you want to prepare your priority list either manually or electronically. If you want to draw manual priority list then take a note pad and draw two equal, vertical columns on a standard 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper.
  • You can also use Excel spreadsheet or Word processor program to prepare your list. Make the heading of financial priorities on the top of the page. Write the word “benefit” on the left hand column while right hand column should state the title of “cost”.
  • Write down key phrases for each task under the heading of benefit and list number along each entry. For example:
  1. Make payment on credit card
  2. Open retirement account
  3. Create a monthly budget
  4. Set up automated saving deposits
  • Do not forget to equip your list with specific items according to your financial needs to make your priority list more useful for you. You can write different items in your priority list such as you want to check or re-check insurance rates on first priority or tax benefits for more energy efficient setup.
  • Try to stay focused on your tasks to enhance your financial strategy. You can include both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Do not forget to calculate the cost of failure tasks for example, you pay credit card bill late with additional fee. Write it under the “cost” column to minimize your payment of credit card.
  • Do not forget to write maximum dollar amount and your credit card interest differences to examine the standard of living and financial stress.
  • After adding all financial tasks according to your priorities fine tune your list and renumber all the items if you find any wrong numbering.
  • It is natural that while evaluation you will find lots of tasks that are wrongly evaluated. You can categorize tasks into different groups according to similar deadlines.
  • You can categorize list according to short term and long term items. Set your deadlines according to their importance to meet all deadlines.
  • Do not forget to copy your list into different places to keep reminder of your tasks. Set up reminder message for the each task according to the completion of date. Do not forget to review your list once a month to keep it up-to-date.

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