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A travel packing list is an important tool for regular travelers that help them to pack all the important things that can make their trip perfect and memorable. A travel packing list is also beneficial for those who plan traveling occasionally. The traveling trip can be business related, holidays, family, study or any other kind but one thing is obvious that you need to have a number of things to carry with you. For every traveling trip the list of packing will be change depending on the nature, duration and reason of the traveling. For a business traveling trips one needs to have more formal items while for a holiday trip the packing list will far different from that of a study trip. Moreover, deciding what you should carry with you also affected by the duration of your stay and traveling, for example the luggage you should carry for a three day business trip will definitely different from the luggage that you need for a three month long tour to Europe.

It is good to create a travel packing list whenever you plan for traveling. The preparation of the traveling packing list cost you approximately 10 minutes but will make your packing easier and perfect and will reduce the chances of forgetting things to pack. Following tips will help you in creating a perfect travel packing list regardless of the nature and type of traveling trip.

Here is preview of a Travel Packing List Template,

Travel Packing List Template

Tips for Preparing Travel Packing List

  • Take a sheet of paper or open a workbook in Microsoft Excel. Write the name of the traveling trip like a business trip, holiday trip or a study trip etc. this will help you in making the list of packing items.
  • Get a traveling bag or a briefcase for packaging for which consider the duration of the trip. For example, a traveling trip of 4 days needs a small bag or briefcase while for a long holiday trip you need to have something with more space.
  • List all the things that you need regularly like, perfume, tablet PC or a laptop, a Smartphone with WiFi, a camera, personal diary, credit card, ID card etc. Avoid to pack toiletries as this will make your luggage heavy and all these things are accessible everywhere in the world with ease.
  • If you are going outside the country or to a region where your mobile company is not offering services, then it is important to buy a SIM card for you to be connected with your friends and family.
  • The next step is to list all the clothes that you have to pack. Consider the weather of the region. There is no need to pack too many clothes, just pack the clothes that are important and light in weight.
  • List the first aid box. It is important enough to check it and include medicines like pain killer and antiseptic etc.
  • For a business trip, list all the important documents that you will need in this trip. It is good to keep the soft copies of the documents in your laptop.
  • Review the list and start your packing in a sequence.

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