Emergency Contact List Template

A list containing the important names, phone numbers, and addresses of persons and organizations that can help you in any emergency is called as emergency contact list. It must contain the contact information of organizations like medical, rescue, police, fire brigade and town council. Contact information of close persons like family members, friends and co workers who can come to assist you in the hour of need should also include in the list.

Purpose of the emergency contact list is to help you in a case when you’re stuck in a situation, where the help or assistance of some professional or close person is needed. This list plays a vital role in case of emergency so it should be kept prepared and updated time to time to handle any critical situation. As one may not be in a position to recall the phone numbers due to trauma, or some critical medical situation, police or medical staff might want to contact one’s relatives prior to any legal action or medical aid. Also, this list could be of great help for anyone who catches someone on the spot of accident, fire or any other sort of emergency. This list aids the people to help themselves or the person in trouble by calling the doctor, fire brigade or rescue service on time.

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Emergency Contact List Template

The emergency contact list must contain the information about helping hands in any emergency situation like medical, accidental, natural disaster, emergency meetings or unplanned visits. So the contact information about family doctor, dentist, nearby hospital, ambulance service should be included to handle any medical emergency. In addition to it, the contact information and relationship of some family member should also be included in this list. If a person is unable to use phone it will be helpful for the medical staff or other persons to inform the family about the situation.

There are three main categories of an emergency contact list. First category includes the numbers which will help you to contact the professionals like doctors, hospital, veterinary doctors, police, rescue etc. The second category includes the contact information of some close people whom you may need to inform about the emergency, for instance, your family, friends and colleagues etc. The third category contains the number where you can be reached by your family if they are in emergency and want your help to assist them. It contains the information about your office, club you’re going regularly and contact numbers of close friends whom you visit frequently.

Emergency contact list can be made manually by writing the contact information simply on a paper. Nowadays, people may find it easy to type the contacts on computer and save the data. Data can be sent to family members and close friends via electronic mail. This data can be printed and kept on desired places as well. The printed copies can also be covered with plastic to avoid any damage for long term usage. With the advent of cellular technology, such emergency lists can be efficiently made on mobile phones. These can be sent to desired people in the form of simple texts.

The importance of emergency contact list cannot be denied in any case. It is such a useful thing that calls for its formulation beforehand any unpleasant incident. It is also suggested to make several copies of this and placement of these copies at appropriate places at home, working place and one of course with yourself at every time. They can be kept in printed form in the wallets, pockets or bags. They should also be saved in mobile phones if you have one. To cut the long story short, emergency contact list is an inevitable requirement for reducing the loss to minimum in the case of an emergency!

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