Salon Price List Template

The salon menu price list is prepared to inform the customers about the offered services at the particular salon and the details related to each and every service that is offered with reference to the concerned category and the age group. It is just like a marketing tool that may be displayed even at the very front wall or screen of the salon as well as it may be pasted on the outer board or banner of the salon in the street to update the customers about their interests.

One of the biggest advantages that the salon menu price list offers its customers is that the customers may get a chance to get an idea about the rates that are being charged at the place and thus they may take a wise decision to go ahead for the further actions. On the other hand it also provides them an opportunity to compare and find the best compatible services offered at the different salon for their own convenience.

Here is preview of this Salon Price List Template created using Microsoft Word 2010,

Salon Price List Template

The salon menu price list is prepared after a lot of hard working and collecting the maximum possible information from the market about the ongoing rates of wide variety of the services. Today the salons are involved in a number of services including the health services as well the beauty services. Also the salons working today are indulged in offering the combined services for the men as well as women that dual nature of the offered services makes their work complex and difficult to manage. However, if they have their menu price list ready with them displayed at their front screen that will make their job easy and more comfortable and on the other hand the customers will also be satisfied and productivity will be enhanced.

The major things that are focused while preparing a salon menu price list are;

  • The details of the salon are given in the very start of the price list which indicates the age groups and the categories for which the salon is going to offer the services.
  • The next step is to add on the services by each category mentioned at the top. Usually it is suggested to prepare the men’s price list separately on the other half from the women list so that the customers may not get any sort of confusions.
  • The next step is the addition of the prices for which that particular service is offered. This is usually enlisted in a table with definite columns and rows. It is also suggested to add pictures of those particular services like hairstyles and the facial cares against every service so that the customer may also enjoy the final look of that particular style and make over and with that they can make up their mind easily.
  • In addition to all this details at the end there should also be given the details of any packages if they are being offered at the salon and the promotions which are available for the customers.

Here is download link for this Salon Price List Template,

Download Salon Price List Template

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